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With more fans than football, esports is blowing up all over the world. High schools are no exception. In all 50 states, gamers are becoming athletes, and PlayVS is the only platform where high school esports is played. Looking to the future of gaming, PlayVS asked us to collaborate with them on upgrading their brand to the next level. From the outset, it was clear that we weren’t building a brand — we were creating a community.

Press start to begin.


Ready player 2?

PlayVS knew what they needed: an iconic mascot that their fans would embrace and identify with. Our answer was to concentrate the energy of esports in a simple symbol — the fireball.

To make sure that it could speak for the community, we created a collection of emotes for players to express what felt true to them. Along with a diverse color palette and flexible type system — the identity can connect with student-athletes, parents, teachers and coaches.

We’re excited to see PlayVS usher in a new era of esports with the next generation of gamers. GL, HF. Game on.


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