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The Language of Yes


From Cigars (Flying) to the Rhône Ranger to Popelouchum, Randall Grahm has a long history of reimagining the traditions of France in a distinctly personal way.

The Language of Yes is Randall’s next chapter. A continued exploration of the central California Coast through small-batch vinous experiments, light touches and a deep love of the land.

With a label design already developed, our challenge was to develop a comprehensive identity that expressed the one-of-a-kind attitude of Randall and re-introduce his wines to a new generation interested in the biodynamic, lower-intervention style he pioneered in California.


In collaboration with the Gallo Luxury Innovation team, Randall Grahm, and label designer Chuck House, Public Address developed the brand strategy, visual identity, tone of voice, and launch materials.

The label art takes its inspiration from a long out-of-print book on Medieval Occitan culture sourced from a rare book dealer in Paris. Expanding on the design by Chuck, Public Address developed an identity system with a distinctly literary style. The typeface Traulha, also inspired by Occitan culture and language, is used throughout as a contemporary nod to the historic roots.

The brand’s tone of voice compliments the design system and places Randall as the first-person protagonist with a more neutral narrator as straight man.

With small batch, limited release experiments, the identity acts as a unifying force as the brand grows.


Winemaker Randall Grahm
Label Design Chuck House
Photography TJ Tambellini