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Wholly Veggie


Quick! Think of something fun.

Was it vegetables? Probably not. Wholly Veggie is out to change that. With products like beet burgers, cauliflower pizzas, and sweet potato popcorn, they are out to make the humble veggie fun. They needed a brand and packaging that matched their attitude.


Wholly Veggie’s food is simple and fun. The brand needed to be too. We started with the logo. Yes, it’s a pun! Peer through the hole we punched through it, and it becomes an O-shaped window to the world you’ve always dreamed about: one with good-looking good food, that’s good for you and good for the planet. With a fresh color palette inspired by the ingredients themselves, a tasty set of rounded typefaces, and a spicy approach to photography, we created a brand that reflects the future of food: not “plant-based”—just “plants.”


Photographer Daniel Neuhaus